“Every child is entitled to free education and protection from neglect and exploitation.”

The United NatNieuwe afbeelding (1)ions unanimously accepted on 20/11/1989 the 54-articles Convention on the Rights of the Child. This international treaty establishes that children have the right to care, protection and respect. On the first World Summit for Children on 29-09-1990, 181 countries endorsed a Declaration and an Action Plan with concrete objectives and commitments to improve the situation of children based on the Rights of the Child.

One of the rights of the child is the right to education. In the Philippines, all children have a right to education. But as a result of (extreme) poverty, not all children are able to access education and, therefore, unable to realize their right to education. Therefore, ChancEd Foundation was established.

ChancEd (Chance for Education) is a non-profit organization that offers a chance to access formal basic education to children and youngsters who, due to poor economic condition, are deprived of the right for education.

It envisioned a society where all children regardless of their economic status have access to their right for education which enables them to fully participate in the development activities in the community and society at large.

Trinidad National High School Faculty

One of the partner schools of ChancEd is Trinidad Elementary & National High School. This Faculty of young men & women are making an effort in improving the quality of education, making the school competitive as well as accessible .