Recognition on ChancEd 20th year of service.

In the last few months, letters of thanks from scholars/parents, recognition of partnerships from different partner schools, group pictures of proud scholars with their respective teachers are pouring in. It’s heartwarming to receive them. We, the ChancEders in the Netherlands, are just as happy and proud as they are.

In the 20 years of existence, many children have been helped in the completion of the basic education which is a pre-requisite in further education. Hundreds of them completed their education in which they build their lives further. We are proud to say that many have been successful in building their own lives. They have jobs which enable them to support their families. Some are already contributing, in their own little way, to their communities and have set good examples to others. Indeed, we could only be proud of the impact of ChancEd’s support in their lives. Bravo to them!


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