Upcoming Event – Palapag Chapter

ChancEd partner, Mrs. Bella Marquez of BKPA in Palapag, Northern Samar has scheduled a get together with ChancEd scholars in Palapag on 4th November 2018. The food and drinks will be a variety of Palapag local products which everybody will bring.

The event will be held in Mapanas, one of the municipalities in Palapag which is famous for its natural lagoon, rock formation, falls and many more.

Last year, almost at the same period, a similar event was scheduled but, unfortunately, Samar was hit by a series of strong typhoon that hindered the event. Hence, this upcoming event will be something the scholars are looking forward to and hopefully the weather will be pleasant this time.

Here’s some pictures of the previous get together (mini-camp) held in 2016.

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