2018 ChancEd Social Gathering, Palapag Chapter

On Nov. 4, ChancEd partner BKPA in Palapag, Northern Samar headed by Mrs. Bella Marquez organized another enjoyable social gathering with Chanced scholars held in one of the beautiful beaches in Mapanas. The owner of the beach resort allowed to let us use 2 cottages for free.  We,   Florie Ladrero (Founder) and Mrs. Leoneda Rosellas (Program Coordinator) were joined by Lady Ramirez and JenJen Carausos. About 30 scholars out of 46 joined the gathering. Some parents joined and most of them brought something for the group to eat. They arrived earlier to have a chance to bond with others and prepare for their group presentations. Mrs. Bella Marquez distributed ChancEd’s certificate of recognition of their school performances based on their school report cards. It was amazing how much these youngsters changed in 2 years time. They seemed to mature, not too shy anymore and participative. We had a great time!

The trip to Palapag is an adventurous one as we need to travel with a mini Van, tricycle, jeepney and a boat but it was pleasurable. The scenery in Samar is absolutely beautiful and roads are improved. Hence, travelling is no sweat at all.

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