Time to Celebrate!

Today, ChancEd is celebrating its 22nd anniversary. Its founder, Florie Ladrero is celebrating her 59th birthday and, coincidentally, it’s also the graduation ceremony of Nelin Barandino. Who is Nelin?

Nelin is one of ChancEd’s scholars from Calbayog. She is a bright, lively and active student. She completed the secondary level years back and ChancEd’s support ended then but she keep in constant contact with ChancEd all these years. Being a bright student, Nelin was able to get a scholarship at one of the prestigious universities in the Philippines, the University of the Philippines. She took up Accountancy and recently surprised us with the good news that she completed the course as Cum Laude and today is the graduation ceremony. Her proud parents are with her to share the joy of her greatest achievement. We are extremely proud of her and we hope her success will serve as an inspiration to others.

Here’s the message of Nelin:

Good afternoon Ma’am How are you po?
Tomorrow will be our graduation rites. Cum laude po ako ma’am
Thank you very much ma’am for your great help to me during my studies back in high school. Thanks God for giving such an instrument like you and the foundation as a whole. I wouldn’t be here and be receiving my diploma tomorrow without the foundation. God bless you and the foundation always ma’am. Take care po!

ChancEd wishes Nelin the very best of luck on the new phase of her life that she will soon venture and, i.e. finding a decent job and start building her own future.  CONGRATULATIONS NELIN!