ChancEd in the midst of the pandemic…..

It has been years, which seems like forever since we heard about COVID-19.  I never thought that the strange virus would turn into a pandemic and, I am sure, not many thought it will last long either. We all have to face the challenges it brings and, not to mention, endure the social, mental, and physical consequences. For sure it is very hard for adults and equally hard for children as well. You can’t imagine how much the children miss going to school, playing with their peers, etc.

COVID-19 has certainly changed education for learners. There are many reports of increased anxiety and depression associated with the changes brought about by the pandemic. With school shifted from traditional (physical) attendance at a school to virtual attendance via the Internet, families have come under new stressors. On top of that many families have been impacted negatively by the loss of wages, leading to food insecurity and many more. Another major concern is the length of isolation many children have had to endure since the pandemic began and what effects it might have on their ability to socialize. The school, for many children, is the place for forming their social connections as well as where early social development. I can’t imagine the long-term effect for children on their academic performance. They may never recover, even into adulthood. This is a scary thought but not unthinkable if this pandemic is here to stay.

ChancEd deals mainly with children. Since the pandemic began, its activities drastically changed. Many children Schools are forced to close leaving children to stay home and learn from home through printed modules and through Internet (virtual learning). However, since traveling is restricted, ChancEd is forced to concentrate only on the areas where traveling is not necessary. It is a pity but there’s nothing much we can do but adjust to the situation. Regardless of their adjustment capabilities, children are still missing social contact with families and friends. With the holiday season approaching, they certainly longed to have a happy celebration. In the Philippines, Christmas is a big deal, especially for children. It is the happiest time of their lives. It is also during this time that ChancEd organizes a “get together” event with the scholars and their parents/guardians. We are missing such gatherings for some years now but we are hopeful that such an event could be possible again soon. In the meantime, we will bring back the good memories of the gatherings we had held in Northern Samar. ChancEd scholars were extremely happy to meet other scholars from other schools and enjoy each other company. I hope the pictures will bring some joyful memories and a hopeful future. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

No photo description available.
Discussion for group presentation.
No photo description available.
Rehearsal for the group presentation.
No photo description available.
No photo description available.Prayer time…
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