ChancEd 25th Anniversary (1997-2022)

We are pleased to share that ChancEd Foundation is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. Who have thought the foundation would last that long but as long as there are people (family, friends, friends of friends, etc.) willing to support its cause the foundation will continue serving the deserving children and youths on their formal education in the Philippines.

In the 25 years of service, ChancEd remained modest and “down to earth”, so to speak. It has no illusion of growing big nor dare to change the world. However, with the little that it has, thousands of children and youths were able to complete the basic education. With that basic education many were able to proceed to higher education either through other scholarships or with the help of family members and friends. It’s worth mentioning that many of them are now professionals serving their families, communities and ultimately contributing to the development of the country at large. We are very happy and proud to be part of their (long) journey. We give credit to our success and long existence to the donors, family and friends who continue supporting ChancEd through the years.

The closure of schools, due to the pandemic (Covid 19), affected the learning of children and youths. All of a sudden, they were confined at home and have to learn from home. It was not easy for everyone involved like the teachers, students & parents as well. Of course, confinement at home has a great impact in their social lives. Not able to go to school, see their classmates and friends and play with peers are quite depressing for them. Virtual Learning has become the “new” normal way of learning in which they have come to accept. The pandemic also affected the number of ChancEd’s beneficiaries. Many of them became uninterested of education in any form. For those living in remote areas virtual learning is not an option. Owning a laptop/PC or cell phone is quite expensive and inconvenient. Those who opted for a school break are hoping to come back to school once schools re-open. This year, schools are allowing physical presence in classrooms but in limited number only. We are optimistic that schools will soon be fully open so that children and youths can enjoy education in the usual and normal settings.

In 30th June is the graduation day for SY 2021-2022. There are 25 students who will graduate Grade 12, the final year for basic education. This number is quite coincidental to ChancEd’s 25th anniversary or maybe not. As we often say “coincidence doesn’t exist”. It is significant in the sense that amidst the pandemic, these 25 students will soon enter to another phase of their education. A phase that will shape the choices of future careers and it is worth looking forward to. To all ChancEders, especially those who will be graduating, our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES!

Here’s a teaser for those who will graduate.

Meet Engr. Aldrin Pacunana. Aldrin was assisted by ChancEd in the past. A month ago, he shared his achievement on Facebook. He was so happy and proud to tell ChancEd that he graduated and passed the board exam on mechanical engineering. He is now a full pledge Engineer. CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to you Engr. Aldrin Pacunana!