Board & Committee


Florie Ladrero

Founder & Chairperson


Rianne Pijnenburg

Secretary & Fundraiser

Alice van Ommen




Joop van Hezik –Managing director at Nature Assisted Health Foundation

Specialties: sustainable development, biodiversity, influencing policy processes (municipal/ provincial/ national/ European) Managing director at Nature Assisted Health FoundationSpecialties: sustainable development, biodiversity, influencing policy processes (municipal/ provincial/ national/ European)


Hans Netten

(Government ) Former Mayor in different municipalities in North Brabant


Mark Bus – Business Consultant at Sanoma Learning & Literature

Marielle Bus – Owner Orimus Coaching


Nduta ID

Nduta Kanyagia

Independent Non-Profit Organizational Management Consultant, Kenya

Ms. Kanyagia has been working in the development sector for over 15 years in which 7 years is spent as Country Manager of LF, a Dutch NGO. She completed Bachelor degree in Psychology and Management, MSc in Management and Organization Development, MA in Counselling Psychology and  a post graduate diploma in Human Resources. She teaches  in the university in the school of business and psychology. Furthermore, she is a business partner/ owner in several successful enterprises in Kenya and currently working as Foundation Manager for Lotto Foundation.

Tes de la cruz

Ma. Theresa de la CruzProgram Manager for Inclusive Education, NORFIL Foundation, Inc. (Philippines)

Tes is a person with visual impairment. Her educational background is on Engineering, Education, and Counseling. She attended short courses about rights of person with disability in Denmark, community based rehabilitation in Indonesia and as International Exchange Student assigned at Melmark Home Institution for person with disability in Pennsylvania, USA. She is the founding President of Provincial Organization of Persons with Disability in the Province of Bulacan.

She represented LF, a Dutch organization,  in different committees for children with disability at National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA), Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC). Attended series of conferences, forum, workshops on UNCRPD, UNCRC, Disability and Development, Non-Handicapping Environment among others both local and international.

Tes has extensive experience providing technical support & training to community and parents of children with disability organizations, and persons/youth with disability groups. Areas of focus include, planning, capacity building, organizational development, collaboration with local government units, special education, community based rehabilitation, leadership, personal development and effectiveness amongst partners organizations. Her proficiency extends above and beyond training and consultancy, to the implementation and monitoring of programs that are community-based, rights-based, and inclusive.


Farida Yesmin – Executive Director, Disabled Rehabilitation & Research Ass. (DRRA), Bangladesh

Committee of Recommendation


Poverty, and especially poverty related to children, touched me deeply. This sensitivity will undoubtedly partly rooted in the fact that I myself have children and grandchildren. The thought that you have them but cannot give them what they need is intolerable. The idea that millions of parents in this world are daily confronted with it is much intolerable. I have often had the opportunity in my life to travel far. While traveling I have seen and felt poverty. This has left an unforgettable impression on me. Home prosperity and opportunities, there, in a poignant contrast of poverty. When I was on working visit in the Philippines as Europarliamentarier (MEP), I took one of my daughters to show her what poverty is. To get poverty into her system. It has also formed her to the socially active woman she is today.

My sensitivity to poverty and especially for children in poverty situations have always led to the need to do something about it. I am taking then preferably for relatively small organizations with the commitment of local problems of children in their immediate environment – often voluntary – social service approach. I’ve seen how effective these organizations often are. They provide customized, very close to the parents and children who are struggling.
Chanced is such an organization! Good luck with your difficult and beautiful work.

Mrs. Maij-Weggen- Former Queen’s Commissioner in North Brabant

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Dhr. Jan Melis, Director Melis Gieterijen Tilburg Former Chairman of Chamber of Commerce Middle-Brabant
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I am proud to be allowed to share in “a gem” as chanced Foundation. Just like Liliane
Foundation, ChancEd meet the needs of children in developing countries.

Mr. Geert Dollevoet, Former Director of Liliane Foundation
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Dhr. Bas Alberts

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