Chanced Scholars

Nelin BarandinoNelin Barandino is one of the scholars in Calbayog City High School who graduated with honors (Salutatorian). She is very active in school and has joined the Summer Camp as well. Nelin is determined to finish her study using the scholarship she got from ChancEd as a step forward of fulfilling her dreams. After the secondary graduation, she applied for the scholarship at the University of the Philippines and passed the examination. She was awarded University scholarship and now studying at UP. Nelin wrote:

“Being a part of ChancEd family was a very big pleasure to me especially as a less fortunate student. This family was not just a family who had supported my whole high school expenses, this family also helped me to be courageous and to continue my journey in life despite some problems. Why am I saying the word ‘family’ though the people who’ve been part of this ChancEd foundation were not related to me through blood? It’s because, in this foundation, I have learned many things. I have felt the love through the people behind this foundation. I have met people especially my co-students from another school. How am i grateful to be a part of this foundation? Very, very grateful to God, to the people especially the sponsors who’ve heartedly shared their blessings to me and to my co-scholars. Now that I have graduated with flying colors in high school and will soon continue my student life as a college student, ChancEd foundation will never be out of my prayers- that this foundation will continue in service helping those less fortunate ones. And someday, I’ll be one of those people who will share blessings to others. God will do guide and bless this foundation, not just a foundation but a family”.  (Nelin D. Barandino (2010-2014)

My name is Lito P. Nayangan Jr., 16 years of age and presently a graduating student of Tarabucan NHS. I belong to a family whose monthly income is below ₱5,000.00 or €10. It’s only myScholar profiles1 mother who is supporting me since my father died. As the second child in the family, I help my mother earn a living through farming. This is one of the reasons why sometimes I would not attend my classes. But God has been good to me ever since. He always gives me good health and always in the top ten since my elementary grades.

When Mrs. Corazon Carausos became the principal of Tarabucan NHS, she told our teachers about ChancEd. According to her that it is a foundation which helps deserving students to continue studying because their school expenses will be shouldered by this foundation. Luckily, I was one of those students who were given a spot. All of my financial problems were solved because of this.

Now, I am in my last year in high school. Always in the second place. I may be if, I don’t make absences, can make it to the top. But anyway, I’m very thankful to ChancEd Foundation with their help. My dreams are realized little by little. Thank you so much. May God bless us all.

scholar picture2I’m Renelyn Escaret Castillo. I was born on May 3, 1996, in Bacoor, Cavite but now I am living in Samar with my family. I have four sisters and one brother. My father’s name is Renato Jagonoy Castillo. He is a farmer. My mother’s name is Merlyn Escaret Castillo, a housekeeper.

Before, my parents were the ones who finance my expenses in school. It’s really hard for them to pay my tuition fees. That’s why I planned to stop my studies because my family cannot afford to pay for all of the school costs. Mrs. Violeta O. Yangzon, gave me a chance to become one of the ChancEd Scholar. I am so happy because I can continue my studies in high school.

When I received this ChancEd scholarship, I’m already the second year high school. I am so thankful that our beloved principal Mrs. Corazon Carausos and the teachers of Tarabucan NHS choose me to be one of the ChancEd Scholars. This scholarship was one of the big blessings that came in my life. And now, I can finish my studies in high school with the help of ChancEd Foundation. You really don’t know how thankful I am, especially my family that you gave me this very big blessing. Thank you so much.