Summer Camp 2014

SUMMER CAMP 2014-03 Palapag, Northern Samar
On April 6-8, 2014, Bulig Kami Parents Association of Samar, Inc. (BKPA), a People Organization of Parents/Families of Children with Disability organized the 1st Summer Wellness Camp for Children and Youth with Disability with the theme, Make the Right Real, held in Barangay Talolora, Northern Samar. It was the first of its kind in Palapag and has drawn much awareness to the communities. Maam Bella, as we fondly call her, and the BKPA staff did a remarkable job in organizing such big event. The event was fully supported by the Barangay Captain and the community of Talolora. Likewise, the Philippines army helped in providing and setting up the tents. They joined the games with the children and ensure the safety of the children especially in the evening. Ms. Tes de la Cruz of NORFIL was also the key person in making the event a meaningful one.

Six (6) Chanced scholars with ChancEd Program Coordinator, Nene Rosellas, and Florie Ladrero, ChancEd founder, were honored to assist in facilitating the activities.
There were many group activities during the 2 days event in which children and youth with a disability were able to actively participate.It was an event the children will never forget.

BKPA is one of the partners of ChancEd. They started including children without disability in their program for basic education.


ChancEd scholars resting after a long trip to Palapag.


Group activity








Group Pictures