ChancEd (Chance for Education) is a non-profit organization that offers a chance to access formal basic education to children and youngsters who, due to poor economic condition, are deprived of the right to education.


It envisioned a society where all children regardless of their economic status have access to their right to education which will enable them to fully participate in the development activities in the community and society at large.


To provide children in the Philippines, particularly on the island of Samar, an opportunity to access the basic education.  These are children from families with no stable source of income but are willing to attend school. In partnership with parents, schools, community members and reliable local contact persons, ChancEd commits itself in providing them access to basic education.

ChancEd. focuses its assistance primarily on Basic Education in public schools. This conscious choice is aimed at decreasing the number of children who have not completed the basic education which is a pre-requirement for higher education. The organization believes that completion of basic education enables them to boost their self-esteem, increase social acceptance and possible opportunity to participate in economic activities which could support their family and/or further higher education.

A conscious choice is also made on geographical coverage (Philippines) and specific Island (Samar) and region (VIII) within the geographical choice. This is to maximize resources while ensuring good quality of service.

ChancEd. promotes close cooperation and commitment from different stakeholders to guarantee a positive outcome. Thus, it works closely with:

  • Local people who are familiar with the economic, social, political and environmental conditions of the children and their families.
  • School heads and teachers (they supervise and monitor the performance of children in school.
  • Parents and/or guardian of children (they stimulate and assist their children in school activities and assist the project coordinator in monitoring other children at home and participate in activities).
  • Children (scholars) themselves (they assist the project coordinator in different activities and support also in monitoring their fellow scholars in school and at home).
  • Community members (they promote the program).

ChancEd. makes the priority on the following children and youngsters:

  • Those belonging to the families with a very low economic condition or no stable source of income.
  • Those who are at risk of leaving school.
  • Those who are out of school but willing to go back to school
  • Those who are considered slow learner, not because of delayed mental development, but because they have difficulties in coping up with their lessons due to lack of school materials, low self-esteem as a result of poverty.

Programs and Activities (Long term goals):

  • ChancEd provides educational needs of children and youngsters in school such as school supplies (papers, pen, school bags, etc), school uniforms, school/entrance fees, and other school related expenses.
  • ChancEd. support small-scale school projects that are geared toward improving the quality of education.
  • ChancEd. organizes yearly parents and children meetings, social & educational activities.

The Board is composed of the Chairman, Secretary and a Treasurer supported by advisers, volunteer fundraisers and Committee of Recommendation. Next to the board are the local team headed by the Project Coordinator who coordinates the program & activities of different local partner schools, parents, and children.

Values and principles
Equality We believe that children  belonging to poor economic status have an equal right to education.

Responsibility We encourage all stakeholders to bear responsibilities of our activities to ensure continuity of services.

Giving We believe in the act of giving to fellowmen. May it be in the form of services, money or material.

RespectWe believe in mutual respect

Appreciation We appreciate everyone involve in the program (all stakeholders) and likewise scholars and their parents appreciate our efforts. This is our source of motivation, enthusiasm, satisfaction and positive state of mind.

Trinidad National High School Faculty

One of the partner schools of ChancEd is Trinidad Elementary & National High School. This Faculty of young men & women are making an effort in improving the quality of education, making the school competitive as well as accessible .