Dec. 2017 Surprise Visits to partner schools.

Philippine was hit again by 2 typhoons (Urduja & Vinta) during the Holiday Seasons. Our plan to visit Palapag, Northern Samar where ChancEd scholars awaits us, was cancelled several times. It was indeed difficult to plan a visit anywhere due to heavy rains. We then waited for days until the rain stopped and when it did, we took the opportunity to visit as many partner schools as we could using the available public transportation. We were able to visit Tabawan Integrated School, Calbayog City National High School, Bagacay Campus, Mag-ubay National High School and Oquendo National High School. Most of these schools were preparing for their Christmas party which was previously postponed due to the bad weather. In spite of the unannounced visit, they were pleased and honoured to be visited.  THANK YOU for the warm welcome.



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