A unique way of ending SY 2019-2020

This year, 2020, has been extremely difficult for all of us all. The Covid-19 pandemic affected us all more than we could imagine. Who would have thought of a (total) lockdown? The closure of schools, workplaces, offices, shops, markets, malls, restaurants, etc. was earlier unthinkable. Not being able to be in close proximity to your family friends and colleagues is hard. Regardless of how difficult the reality was and still is, life still goes on. Everyone and everything has to adjust to the “new normal”.

The closures of schools, due to Covid-19, has turned the school agendas upside down. Not only that children can’t go to school, they can’t have the usual closing/graduation ceremony that they look forward to. However, alternative ways have been created such as virtual or online closing of the school year. ChancEd is privileged enough to receive an update through social media. We are pleased to share the ChancEd scholars’ academic performances in one of our partner schools, Tabawan Integrated School. Below are the scholars who received Academic Excellence Awards.

With High Honors: Olela, Leila Nadine  


With Honors :

  1. Roeyan, Ryza J
  2. Prudenciado, Angeline
  3. Palioc, Benjie
  4. Balbarona, Gladeen
  5. Calderon, Aramie
  6. Carminada, Angela
  7. Longronio, Edrianne
  8. Francisco, Maribeth106031768_902869300216983_976213020132177242_n106007825_587897045243858_2471032156321645971_n105972253_677793702779814_6712942933234987734_n

    Our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to all ChancEd scholars who have completed the SY 2019-2020, especially those who received honors and awards. We are all proud of what you have accomplished in spite of the current pandemic. Good luck to the next level!




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